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Toshiro Chickenwing´s genes

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Chickenwing Technique is a transformation avalaible to Toshiro Chickenwing and his descendants.

Stages Edit

1/4 Edit

The economical transformation. The user gains black markings around their eyes, enhanced strength, and increased relefexes and agility at the cost of a quarter of their natural energy

2/4 Edit

The standard transformation. The user gains everything from the previous stage, plus increased speed, stronger energy. 2 bone-spikes pop out of the user´s shoulders as well. This stage requires half of the user`s energy.

3/4 Edit

The emergency transformation. The user gains everything from the previous stages, plus the ability to destroy and copy certain techniques (simiar to the Mashinki eye), plus increased strength and speed and the immunity to pain and fatigue. This stage requires three quarters of the user´s energy, making it extremely dangerous.

Final Edit

The mortal transformation. The user gains everything from the previous stages, plus the ability to teleport anywhere within a certain radius instantly. At this point, the user`s strength, speed, and energy are all 200X superior than their base form. This stage, however, requires all of the user`s energy, which means that unless the warrior receives energy from a family member after the transformation ends, death is guaranteed.

Users Edit

Toshiro Chickenwing Edit

The creator of this technique would always have the first stage activated, and would use the second stage everytime he fought. He used the final stage against Korun Koji during the Great Koji War, but only managed to land a few blows until his energy died out.

Rokko Chickenwing Edit

Rokko Chickenwing used stages 1-3 throughout his DEDDON career and during the war.

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