Haji Valtchy


August 6th, 15,750BK (16,150)

  • Deceased on December 7th, 425AK






167 cm (5'6")


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Crystal
  • Acid


  • Dark
  • Light







Haji Hades Valtchy was the leader of the Vlux and the Kaminashi, and the king of all Valtchies. He managed to take over the universe once, but was stopped by Trevor Koji (most commonly known as Senshi). He was locked away in an isolated Void as a result. He later escaped this dimension during his battle with the tenth sage, which resulted in Onium's return, who procedeed to absorb Haji's Yogen energy, killing him in the process.

Background Edit

Haji was born on August 6th, 15,336 years prior to the main storyline. He was born into the Vlux clan, and was raised alongside his clan's racism and beliefs. Haji's desire to become stronger and destroy the alliance between his race and the ones he considered "scum" resulted in him creating the Immortality technique. He gained several lifetimes' worth of training and knowledge, and he used his powers to make his wishes come true and make the Valtchies the rulers of the universe.

Appearance Edit

While in his complete form, Haji is a short, skinny man with blonde hair and light-purple skin. He wears a beige kimono with a hairy, brown turtle neck. His "light" form has pale skin, human eyes, and his kimono turns into a gray-white robe. His "dark" form has gray skin, his Mashinki gain more ripples and become completely red, and his kimono turns into purple armor with 4 spikes on its back.

Personality Edit

Haji's a very confident, calm individual. Ambitious and goal-driven, Haji never lost hope or determination in his plans, despite being locked away and ostracized from the rest of the universe, he put faith in his followers and came up with a complex plan that would take longer than 15,000 years to complete. Haji had a very long fuse, and was able to keep calm even after Michael awakened his Yogen Mode. He wasn't afraid to take risks either, as he was willing to escape the Void and try to hide, despite knowing that Onium would sense his return.

Abilities Edit

Haji is without a doubt, the third strongest individual to ever live, being ony weaker than Michael Koji and Onium, and equal in strength with Trevor Koji. Haji's power was great enough to destroy an individual Onium universe with a single Lightning: Holy Eraser. He could fly and move several times faster than light, and his punches would break reality whenever he hit an equal force. His beams were larger than several galaxies put together, and he had enough strength to literally throw planets at Trevor.