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Kaketta is the result of Kosho Koji's blood and energy being mixed with the blood and energy of a Mero, specifically, Hokubo Koji and Omoiyarii Shimizu's children, Michael and Yoshi. The Mero's blood is able to "restore" Kosho's energy and latent power, which can be triggered by a strong emotion, and de-activated by the opposite of the trigger emotion. It can also be gained like an STD, as demonstrated by Hokubo.

Physical Changes Edit

When Kaketta is activated, the user's hair will turn silver (white in Michael's case), and their eyes will change into a yellow color. Their tear-troughs become longer and thicker, and their hair becomes slightly longer. They also lose a lot of body fat, and their eyes become sharper and "angrier-looking".

Energy Changes Edit

The user's energy is turned into a supressed version of Kosho Koji's, which becomes less restricted and closer to Kosho's true power as the user ages, but it'll also become harder to control. The maxium is reached at around age 40, but Michael managed to bypass the age-restriction with Solomon Valtchy's help.

Permanent Kaketta Edit

After accepting that his love for someone was his strongest source of motivation and strength, Michael's trigger emotion became his source of energy, thus turning Kaketta into a permanent part of him. Michael's eyes turned yellow, and he gained all of Kosho's powers and energy without having to transform. Michael also gained the ability to use the Light nature, and he could somehow sense the Yogen Crystals.