Nagisa Shinohara


September 14th, 398AK (26) (deceased at 23)






  • 154 cm (5¨1") (Part I)
  • 165 cm (5¨5") (Part II)








  • L (Part I)
  • U (Part II)



Nagisa Shinohara was a member of the Cloaked Liberators, and a close friend and lover of Michael Koji. She helped the Koji cousins fight against the Kingdom`s corruption until her unfortunate death at the hands of General Jelly on April 29th, 422AK.

Background Edit

Nagisa was mistreated by her parents at a young age, and thus ran away from home at the age of five. She left Longe and traveled to Piedra in order to join DEDDON. Most of her teammates feared her due to her ill personality and dark energy, and the gave her the nickname "The Darkness". She was shunned down and called a monster, despite being the strongest of the 415AK Regular Juniors.

Appearance Edit

Nagisa is a woman of average height, with pale skin, onix-eyes, and long dark-purple hair. Despite her hair being naturally curly, it`s often seen straightened out or in a ponytail. In Part I, she simply wore the traditional DEDDON uniform. In Part II, she wears a black, sleveless shirt, and grayish-red sweatpants. She also wears a traditional, blue Koji cloak while doing a missions for the Cloaked Liberators.

Personality Edit

Nagisa is generally a serious, straight-forward individual. Only her closest friends and mentor have seen her more-comedic, caring, relaxed side. She tends to be grumpy, anti-social and cold, but that doesn`t stop her from feeling geniune care and love towards people.

Abilities Edit

Nagisa is often referred to as the strongest Junior to ever join DEDDON, despite her placing third in her generation´s graduation exam. She displayed great agility and gymnastic abilities, as she was able to dodge all of Reiko`s attacks, she also possesed great physical strength, as she was able to stop Mila`s giant blade with her weakest hand. After training with Korun Koji, she learned several Lightning techniques, and even Korun´s Bakuhatsu Teki.

Energy Parallel Edit

Due to them being Energy Parallels, Michael and Nagisa were able to combine their energies in order to multiply the effects of their attacks, and they were able to create their own modified version of the Bakuhatsu Teki, the Double Bakuhatsu.