Yogen Mode

Alternate Names

  • Legendary Mode
  • White Knight Mode




Yogen Mode is a transformation avalaible to the Yogen sages. The mode is impossible to access unless the sage has already accepted their role, and even then, the sage needs to feel the urge to protect something that they love. Once the sage transforms once, he can seemingly access this mode at any time.

Physical Changes Edit

The only major physical change that this transformation has is the white aura that surrounds the user, which flows in an inconsistent and "agitated" pattern. The user is also able to manipulate brightly colored balls, which represent each previous sage's soul.

Abilities Edit

The user's base power is multiplied by approximately 400X its max limit, and the sage also gains the ability to teleport and regenerate. The user is granted the ability to manipulate and control the other sage's souls, which can assist them in battle.